Equipping Christian Women to embrace healthy boundaries in relationships.

Live and love well from a place of wholeness - rooted in God’s love.

The Struggle

Your relationships feel lifeless and draining.

You passively agree to things but feel resentment and bitterness.

You feel stuck in relationships that are one-sided.

You are hesitant to voice your own desires for fear of sounding selfish or unloving.

You want to love others well but it’s more obligation than genuine overflow.

You are exhausting yourself for the sake of others with halfhearted love due to burnout.

You feel like a shell of yourself trying to keep up with expectations (yours and others).

There is hope! Ready to cultivate your relationships with authenticity and wholeness?  

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Diana’s experience:

“In just a few sessions with Bethany, I feel my peace increase exponentially dealing with a very stressful relationship. My boundaries were at best blurry, but Bethany has coached me to clarity and a practical framework for going forward. I feel her empathy as she patiently listens to my scattered emotions and her questions uncover insight into my underlying beliefs. Bethany sheds light on applying Biblical truth with healthy boundaries. In her encouraging way, she is leading me to a desired heart change to love well yet maintain my emotional well-being.”  


I’ve been there

I've been in your shoes, wondering if there was any way to have the healthy relationships I desired without losing myself in the process. I felt stuck and powerless - like I was living life "for the sake of others" and secretly hoping that they would notice all that I was giving up for them. Resentment and bitterness grew while keeping the "I'm fine" smile plastered on my face.

My experience in various ministries, life challenges, being a Certified Life Coach, and my Master’s in Ministry and Leadership have equipped me to face my own struggles and help others to do the same.

I help women just like you to understand and implement healthy biblical boundaries. They love others well and genuinely from a place of wholeness, rooted in their Imago Dei. They are empowered to face the day set before them with choices, clarity, and confidence in who they were made to be. Check out what they have to say!

Boundaries Foundation Package

Boundaries Foundation (6 sessions)

This package is an introduction to healthy boundaries in relationships.  I will equip you with tools and healthy mindsets to begin implementing healthy boundaries.

Boundaries Foundation is for the woman who:

  • Knows that she could use some healthier boundaries in her life

  • Would like to increase her self-awareness

  • Desires to expand her understanding of what healthy boundaries look like

  • Needs that boost of support to start implementing healthy boundaries.

Boundaries Foundation includes:

  • 6 sessions (50 minutes each) to be completed within 3 months

  • One-on-One Boundaries Coaching around your desired relationship/circumstance each session.

  • Suite of tools to help you understand, identify, and implement healthy boundaries.

  • Bonus: Favorite Resources list for additional learning on your own.

  • $475 total, due by the first session.

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  • Schedule your first session: I will email you the link to schedule after receiving your Client Intake Form

  • Prepare to experience healthy and biblical boundaries.

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